Exclusive opportunities that extend beyond the exhibition spaces, but also encompass dedicated areas, workshops, presentations, and continuous activities. All of this will be developed within the framework of increasing foreign investments in the automotive industry, identifying areas of innovation, implementing new services and digital solutions. Automotive Fair Albania II will pay special attention to electric vehicles as the main protagonists of sustainable ecological development.

Young entrepreneurs will be given visibility within the Hi-Tech, Start-Up & Innovation area, a space dedicated to technological evolution and industry innovations, as well as business digitalization. Workshops and presentations will focus on guidance and facilitation, meetings with experts from various fields, both local and international, as well as business and project presentations. This fair will serve as a catalyst to provide practical professional opportunities and employment for young people, as well as aligning labor market needs with educational curricula.

The Albanian Retro vehicle collection will be showcased, along with a museum of artifacts and vintage objects, exhibitions featuring artworks created by artists and artisans that will offer an unparalleled cultural and historical display. Various road safety activities will take place, aimed at educating children and youth, including traffic situation simulations, moto racing, karting, burnout shows, car meetings, and many other motorsport events!


In this area, participants can exhibit vehicles, innovative products, or services for vehicles, spare parts, or maintenance services, as well as spaces for conducting workshops, etc. Tech, Start-Up, and Innovation: a space for creativity, innovation, and young entrepreneurs. A unique opportunity for new realities entering the world of automotive. This dedicated area will prioritize technological developments that respond to new changes and needs, proposals from companies and start-ups offering innovative products or services. This area serves as a window into the future of transportation and mobility.


The outdoor areas provide additional visibility for vehicle exhibitors, offering races, parades, vehicle displays, retro car exhibitions, and educational activities for children at the Road Safety Corner. It is a unique and highly anticipated opportunity for enthusiasts to see amateur and professional pilots from various disciplines and motorsports. Everything about Motorsport, Rally, Off-road, Hillclimb, Go-Karting, Cross Car, full of emotions, music, and entertainment.